Three arrested at white nationalist Richard Spencer's Auburn visit

(Source: Lee County Jail)
(Source: Lee County Jail)
3 people arrested in Richard Spencer protests. (Source: Eagle Eye TV)
3 people arrested in Richard Spencer protests. (Source: Eagle Eye TV)

AUBURN, AL (AP/WTVM) - Three people have been arrested Tuesday evening after a fight in front of Auburn University's Foy Auditorium as a federal judge allowed white nationalist Richard Spencer to speak on campus.

Those arrested are identified as Ryan Matthew King, 38; Benjamin Lee Hansen, 19; and Seth Miles Waldon, 27. Each is charged with disorderly conduct for fighting. The charge is a misdemeanor.

None of the three is from Auburn or attends Auburn University.

Watch this video sent to WTVM of a fight, which later led to several arrests being made.

Richard Spencer's controversial speech

The scene inside the auditorium was at times tense but remained peaceful throughout Richard Spencer's speech.

The 45-minute talk was followed by questions from the audience, many challenging the opinions shared by Spencer.

Spencer shared in his speech that he believes the white race is in a civil war and said that he was willing to own slavery because he understands white power.

Hundreds of Auburn students and community members have been on their feet for hours hoisting signs chanting their opinions against alt right speaker Richard Spencer and the hundreds who went inside Foy Hall to hear him speak.

The protestors standing on the other side of the barricade - way before the doors to the event were open. At the same time, those supporting Richard Spencer and his views making their voices heard. Not just them, members of what is known as the Antifascist Group, or Antifa, protesting Spencer's appearance in Auburn.

Signs expressing a rejection of hate on campus - at one point, if you see in the video, I ran to the scene of the only fist fight that broke out all afternoon.

Seth Miles Walden, Benjamin Lee Hansen and Ryan Matthew King were arrested for disorderly conduct.

WATCH LIVE: Tower cam video of protesters in Auburn.

The Court ruling from a federal judge

A federal judge ruled Auburn University must let white nationalist Richard Spencer speak on campus.

A lawyer involved in the case on Spencer's side, Sam Dickson, says the decision by U.S. District Judge W. Keith Watkins means Spencer can appear at the student union as originally planned Tuesday night at Auburn University's Foy Auditorium.

The ruling came during a hearing in a lawsuit challenging Auburn's refusal to let the talk occur. Dickson filed the suit on behalf of Cameron Padgett, identified as an Atlanta-area resident who rented an auditorium for Spencer's talk.

Both Spencer supporters and opponents are expected to attend, and police say they're establishing a protest zone.

Auburn University on the controversial speech

Dear Auburn Family,

Spencer previously made news by addressing a far-right gathering where audience members gave a Nazi salute.

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