Columbus businesses take precaution after criminal activities reported in Uptown Columbus

Recent criminal activities in Columbus has some business owners speaking out.

Over the last few weeks, several crimes have been reported near the Uptown Columbus area.

"All of our employees are kids for the most part so from the get-go we've always felt like we need to take precaution," said Matthew Moore, the owner of Kilwins.

Moore says despite recent reports of crime near his store - there is no concern for safety.

"During business hours it's usually very crowded so the likelihood of any activity like that or violent criminals is really pretty minimal," says Moore.

"It's not say crime isn't any issue as I said earlier it is an issue in every community," he said.

Bill Murphy is Executive Vice President of Greater Columbus Economic Chamber of Commerce. He says statistics show that crime has little effect on whether businesses will decide to invest in our area.

"For most companies, it comes down to factors around labor and access to markets," says Murphy.

Just a few weeks ago – two men were caught on surveillance video taking three TVs and a bottle of champagne from Columbus French bakery, My Boulange. Even though this was around the corner from one business owner he says it doesn't affect how he operates.

"You want to be located in an area that's safe that's going to be safe for the consumers and safe for the employees we feel like Uptown is extremely safe," Murphy said.

Police are encouraging residents to report any suspicious people or activities to law enforcement.

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