New video spotlights 'gang activity' in Peachtree Mall murder trial

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - New video of Peachtree Mall Murder suspect Xzavaien Jones that was shown in court as Day 3 of testimony and trial continued.
The video was taken by Columbus Police department following a traffic arrest in August of 2015.

Jones can be heard yelling "Crip, Crip," spotlighting what the prosecution argues is criminal gang activity, and the underlying motive of the alleged murder.

Detectives from the Columbus Police Department taking the stand to give testimony about their involvement with investigating the deadly shooting that happened Easter weekend of 2016.

Lead Detective, Sergeant Hudson detailing inner workings and motive of this shooting happened long before March of 2016.

Investigators believe they have sufficient evidence and support of gang affiliation as the motive for the deadly shooting at Peachtree Mall and that's what the Prosecution argued today.

Christopher Twitty, the boyfriend of defendant Tekoa Young was fatally shot in their home November of 2015. Police have said Twitty was in the Crips gang, and so are, they say, the other two defendants McFarland and Jones. Young is also believed to have a close affiliation with the gang.

Investigator's say the trio blamed the victim, in this case, 24-year-old Anthony Meredith for Twitty's death, plotted and acted on the revenge scheme.

Lead Detective of the Columbus Police Department, Sergeant  Hudson says, "Mr. McFarland stated that Anthony Meredith was not a gang member, that he had no loyalty to anybody, he was over here, and over there and had no loyalty or gang affiliation. Mr. McFarland also stated that Twitty had taken Ant's weed, valued at over 3 thousand dollars, and that Ant had retaliated by shooting up Twitty's house."

The Defense say they are not denying the participation of Xzavaien Jones and McFarland being members of a gang, in fact, their attorneys say they willingly admit association.

The defense says they are rather arguing against the connection of gang retaliation and participation in the deadly Easter weekend shooting.

Surveillance video was shown once again to the jury. This time from Peachtree Mall and the Strip Mall.

Police say, the defendant, Tekoa Young acted as an escort trailing the victim, Anthony Meredith throughout Peachtree Mall last year before notifying her brother on his location.

In court today, Detective Hudson said during questioning, Young denied ever being at the mall that day, and that she was at Columbus Park Crossing.

"She got off a little after 7, she exited Metro PCS, went to her car, smoked. And then she drove Marshall's at The strip mall, to buy a pair of shorts for her child for Easter, then she went over to Rack Room shoes to buy a pair of shoes for her child for Easter," says Sergeant Hudson, Lead Detective for Columbus Police Department.

The shooting reportedly happened at approximately 7:28, Prosecutors arguing that is more than enough time to drive across town Young wasn't seen on surveillance cameras at the strip mall until approximately 7:44 p.m.

During questioning, McFarland also denied being at Peachtree Mall the day of the shooting. He said he was at home babysitting his children all day.

Trial will resume Monday morning.

News Leader 9's Sharifa Jackson will bring you updates of the trial as it continues on Twitter.

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