The Ralston given 90 days to fix issues or could be shut down

(Source: Parker Branton/WTVM)
(Source: Parker Branton/WTVM)
(Source: Parker Branton/WTVM)
(Source: Parker Branton/WTVM)

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - City officials are calling The Ralston unsafe to live in after an inspection uncovered that there were several issues with the fire sprinkler and alarm system.

Tenants are saying that these violations don't reflect work done under the new management.

"I heard about the fire codes, but there was different management then," says a Ralston tenant.

Residents say this was once one of the nicer buildings in town, fast-forward to today, The Ralston has 90 days to fix issues or it could be shut down.

"I'm afraid if y'all going to take it from me, sure." says a Ralston tenant.

A 27-page report highlighting issues found by Inspection and Code Enforcement Officials. One section says, "1st, 2nd, 7th and 9th floor pulls did not report to power…" in reference to fire alarms.

Another note, "testing indicated that the fire pump did not perform in accordance with its rated conditions."

Director of Inspection and Code Enforcement John Hudginson says they have heard from New Jersey-based owners of Ralston.

"We have gotten in touch with the owners and laid out our expectations to bring the building back to code," says Hudginson

Meanwhile, some tenants at the apartments believe this management team will turn things around and help keep their spot on 12th Street.

"I have seen six management teams gone and this is the one I have seen do a lot of things."

City officials say The Ralston has until June 21 to present documents proving the violations are brought back to code.

Some tenants say they are already looking for another place to call home.

Click here to view the full 27-page report from the City of Columbus Inspections and Code Department: 

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