WTVM Editorial 4/30/17: Honoring Americus fallen officers

(WTVM) - When a police officer is killed in the line of duty, his or her fellow officers pledge to never forget their fallen comrade.

Now a fitting memorial for not one but two local officers will keep their legacy front and center in a very prominent way.

Their case is by now one of the most well known in the Southeast: Americus Police officer Nicholas Smarr and his best friend Georgia Southwestern University campus police office Jody Smith were both shot dead when they answered a domestic violence call last December.

The senseless way they lost their lives left the Americus community numb with grief.

But the university and the entire community quickly resolved to make sure the officers' lives were properly memorialized.

Just four months later, their names now grace the Georgia Southwestern University's Department of Public Safety.

At a time when police officers around the country face extra scrutiny, it's equally important for good officers to be respected for the exceptionally difficult work they do on a daily basis.

Jody Smith's father told us his son and officer Smarr did everything right that day..."by the textbook" officer Smith's father said, in paying tribute to both of the fallen officers.

Americus and the entire region is right to be proud of these brave officers. The public dedication of the building that now bears their names will make sure officers Jody Smith and Nicholas Smarr will live on forever.

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