WTVM Editorial 4/30/17: Lessons from a 'Bachelor'

(WTVM) - Fans of the hit ABC reality show "The Bachelor" might have been shocked when they learned Chris Soule – the Iowa farmer and star of season 19 -  was arrested for leaving the scene of a fatal accident in his home state last week.

Police say the handsome reality star rear-ended a farm tractor on a rural road, killing the driver.

The case will now wind its way through the court system, but meanwhile, there are lessons we can learn from it, and they have nothing to do with him being a celebrity.

It's all about personal responsibility.

Although Soule immediately called 911 and tried to get help for the dying tractor driver, Soule left the scene of the accident and then did not submit to police questioning - or alcohol testing - until five hours later.

Now, authorities are looking at reports of alcohol in Soule's truck and his cell phone records to see if drunk or distracted driving played a role in the fatal crash.

Legal filings in the case so far, document a past drunk driving charge against Soule that ended in probation, plus four other alcohol-related incidents. The popular Bachelor star had also been cited for leaving the scene of another, earlier accident.

No one is asking or even expecting a reality TV star to be a role model. But no one, no matter who they are, should ever leave the scene of an accident.

It's your responsibility to remain at the scene. No one should ever drink and drive. No one should ever text and drive. This is obvious, but since it keeps happening, we have to keep saying it. It's simply too dangerous.

Maybe this case can be another example that helps open the eyes of many drivers to the responsibility we all have behind the wheel.

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