NEW VIDEO: Surveillance footage shows shooting outside 4th Quarter Bar & Grill

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Day 3 of testimony continues in the 4th Quarter Bar Murder Trial.

Today in court, the surveillance footage from outside the bar was shown for the first time.

Prosecutors attempting to dismiss the Defense's argument that the three defendants acted solely out of self-defense.

Detective David Stokes from the Columbus Police department who took the stand today says, the footage shows the shooting was pre-planned and well organized.

"In my training experience, there are tactics, any time you go into a situation that could be dangerous. We cover back doors, military, similar type tactics. This was not a casual approach to a business. This is when it became very obvious to us that it was a pre-planned incident," said Det. Stokes.

The surveillance video introducing a new perspective of the deadly shooting. Prosecutors bringing out what they describe as "hard" and undeniable evidence to solidify their argument.

The video showing the 4th Quarter Bar and Grill on Macon Road from numerous angles. Members of the Outkast Motorcycle gang can be seen arriving, and entering the bar from numerous entrances. Video of the alleged shootout is also captured.

"You can see several individuals walking up, carrying guns, and as they are leaving, they are carrying guns, it was very obvious that they were following tactics that law enforcement does just for safety measure. You're going through a front door, you have individuals providing cover from the side, and individuals coming from the back to provide support as well," said Det. Stokes.

A member of the Strikers' Motorcycle Club also took the stand Friday, testifying that it was his motorcycle vest that lead to the altercation.

The Strikers' member said his motorcycle group was having a meet and greet at the club, when it was invaded by the Outcast biker gang. On the stand today, he says a group of 8-10 of the Outcast group barged into the bar and chaos erupted with multiple fights, and then gunfire.

The Strikers member says the fun night was cut short as he was forced to fight for his life.

I was just fighting for my life. It went so fast. We were fighting, one was pulling on my vest, the guy was on the ground, grabbing on my legs, and I was trying to get loose from that, then I heard 2 gun shots," said the Strikers member.

Authorities say over 70 shell casings were found in and outside of the 4th Quarter bar and grill following the shooting.

The defense standing firm that their clients, 53-year-old Daginald Wheeler, 48-year-old Demark Ponder, and 36-year-old James Daniel Jr.. are innocent, and acted only out of self-defense.

The trial is set to resume Monday morning at 9 a.m.

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