WTVM Editorial 5/6/17: From projects to president

(WTVM) - A young man growing up in the projects of Columbus once wished he could live in a big house in a nice neighborhood.

He was a young man with almost too many disadvantages to count, but today, he's headed to Fisk University in Nashville - as that historic black college's next President.

News Leader 9's Roslyn Giles traveled to Nashville to interview Kevin Rome for a story we called "Keys to Success."

You can see it on our mobile app if you missed it on the news. It's worth mentioning again because we want to see Dr. Rome's success duplicated many times over.

We hope sharing his inspiring story will motivate other young people to find their own keys to success.

Dr. Kevin Rome grew up in public housing and on food stamps in Columbus, raised by his single mother - the woman he credits with giving him the structure and love that enabled him to do well in school.

That loving foundation – along with his own drive to succeed - ensured he would avoid costly detours into gangs or drugs, the kind of detours that can doom many children, from rich or poor neighborhoods.

Dr. Rome cites his good teachers in Columbus, his dedicated and caring mother who still lives here, the support of his family and his own motivation to enable him to rise in his profession – first becoming the president of Lincoln University in Missouri, and now the incoming president of Fisk University, one of the south's most prestigious universities.

Dr. Rome is a humble man, perhaps another key to his success. One of his teachers told us Kevin was always focused and he studied hard because he wanted to achieve something in life.

Dr. Kevin Rome's desire to overcome the obstacles in his way is an important story to put in the spotlight to show any young person what is possible.

We're proud to salute Dr. Kevin Rome as a great role model for the next generation.

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