Alabama House passes ride-sharing bill

Alabama House passes ride-sharing bill

ALABAMA (WTVM) - Popular ride-sharing service, Uber, currently only operates in select cities throughout the state of Alabama, but could soon be expanding throughout the entire state.

"There have been some studies since Uber has come about that show that in towns that have the service there is a decrease in drunk driving incidents."

Which is one reason the ride-sharing company has become so popular.

Currently, companies like Uber and Lyft are only allowed to operate in certain cities, but if house bill 283 passes and is signed by governor Ivey, the entire state of Alabama could become ride share friendly.

The intent of the law is to provide uniformity of laws governing transportation network companies. The bill seeks to ensure that companies, drivers, and insurance requirements are governed exclusively by Alabama State Law.

Jodi Page, Uber Spokesperson, "Currently, what we have is a patchwork of regulations that is confusing to riders and drivers. A uniform framework for ride-sharing companies in Alabama like Uber is something that is needed."

Currently, the groups are governed by agreements with each city.

Gene Dulaney, Auburn City Council says, "In our agreement with Uber the business license is under Uber. The drivers are responsible for providing their insurance to the company."

Before leaving the house, the bill was amended to allow those agreements to stay in place, making this new law, should it be passed, only apply to cities and unincorporated areas of the county that do not presently have ride sharing services.

This bill Passed the in the Alabama House of Representative with a vote of 62 to 7.

It now heads to the senate.

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