4th Quarter Bar murder trial continues with emotional testimony

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - The murder trial is resuming for three suspects accused of killing 33-year-old Dominic Mitchell at the 4th Quarter Bar and Grill in October of 2015.

Demark Ponder, Daginald Wheeler, and James Daniel are on trial for the killing.

Prosecutors are hoping to paint a clearer picture as to what happened the night of the 4th quarter bar deadly shooting. Today the state spent much of the day calling witnesses from other bike clubs, bar workers and friends of the victim to testify.

On Tuesday, a close friend of Dominic Mitchell, Edward Bush Jr., testified that they were all together before they went to the bar.

According to Bush, as soon as the Outcast biker members entered the club, chaos erupted. Bush says he immediately took cover and heard two to four shots inside.

Bush also says the chaos was moved outside and he went to get his fiancé's gun, an AK-47, from her trunk.

"I didn't care about my life. I was worried about my kids. So, I took the gun, I retrieved it, I cocked it and aimed it up, to give a warning shot, but it didn't fire," said Bush during testimony.

Bush says the gun was on safety mode. He says he only intended to fire the weapon to "scare off" the crowd. But after being shot, he says he aimed the automatic gun and began firing.

"When I get shot as I'm shooting at them, I spin. When I come back, I aim then at the motorcycles, and that's when I believe that I hit this fella here,” said Bush as he pointed at Defendant, Demark Ponder.

He says he estimates that he fired the automatic weapon around 28 times.

Police say over 70 shell casings were found inside and outside of the bar during the investigation.

Bush was shot in the abdomen and called out for help, that's when another witness stepped in to help.

"I ran out and grabbed him. I threw him over my shoulder, and I carried him to a [un-named witness] truck, and I yelled for [un-named witness]  to get in the truck," said a witness as he testified.

Bush was also reportedly shot in the neck while being carried to the car.

A lot of emotion was in the courtroom as testimonies continued. Bush's fiance also took to the stand. She says the 33-year-old victim, Dominic Mitchell was like a "son" to her. At times, unable to fight through tears as she recapped the deadly bar shooting.

The family of Dominic Mitchell also were seen leaving the courtroom in tears witnesses shared a testimony.

The trial will resume Wednesday morning at 9 a.m.

Prosecutors are expected to will be wrap-up the witness phase of testimony and move into official and expert testimony.

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