Defendant in the 4th Quarter Sports Bar murder trial testifies in court

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) – Testimony resumes today in the 4th Quarter Sports Bar murder trial in Columbus.

One of the suspects, Demark Ponder testified on his behalf stating that someone pointed his gun at him and said, "I'm going to kill you."

That's when Ponder then pulled out his gun and shot it twice.

While on the stand, Ponder says upon arriving at the bar, it was immediate chaos and that he did not initially want to get involved.

"The fight broke out, and they moved toward the left. So, I stepped forward to try and run toward the front entrance. But, they kept moving back and swinging bottles. So soon as I turned away to go toward the exit door, that's when the guy was down and said, "I'm going to kill you, [expletive] That's when I tightened up and turned and pulled the trigger twice."

Ponder says he could not identify the man who pointed a gun at him, and he didn't turn around to see if he hit anyone.

During a heated cross-examination, the state questioned Ponder on his reasoning to fire a gun and the validity of claiming self-defense. Prosecutor, Alonza Whitaker, repeatedly asked Ponder if he believed that because he felt threatened was a reason to shoot.

"I wasn't aiming at nobody. I was aiming back. I don't get where you're coming from. If I pointed a pistol at you, you would turn back and shoot at me without even looking if you feared for your life," said Ponder while on the stand.

Ponder says the night of the shooting, there were no plans that he knows of to go out and stand any kind of violence or altercation with the Strikers motorcycle club.

During that time, Ponder says he was only a "pledge," trying to gain membership into the Outcast group who he also says is not a violent and denies ever taking part or seeing any illegal or violent activities performed by club

Detective Allen Malone of the Columbus Police Department also testified Thursday. He was called by the defense to share the inaccuracy of some eyewitness testimonies from the time of the actual shooting, compared to the testimony in the trial.

The trial is set to resume on Friday, a second Defendant, Daginald Wheeler is expected to take the stand and testify.

His testimony will be followed by closing arguments.

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