14th Combat Support Hospital training operation at Fort Benning

14th Combat Support Hospital training operation at Fort Benning

FORT BENNING, GA (WTVM) - The 14th Combat Support Hospital set up a hospital from the ground up with an intensive care unit and an operating room on Thursday.  

Colonel Corey Costello who's the Commander of the unit says it's supplied with everything a hospital needs. 

"Anything that would be kind of complicated for a hospital that's in a building, we set up all of that. It comes out of boxes and sets up in tents, it can go anywhere and be ready to go", says Col. Costello. 

Almost 200 soldiers in the unit are participating in the training. It's all to better prepare them for a natural or man-made disaster.

"So in August we'll be responsible to have a mission for the defenses support civil authorities and what that means is whenever the President is asked by a governor of a state who's experiencing a disaster he can authorize us and give us an order when to help the civil authorities that are in a very local area," says Col. Costello. 

There are a wide variety of soldiers within the unit from doctors and nurses to lab and x-ray soldiers.

"Just like any hospital we need every soldier that has specialty skills," says Col. Costello. 

Among many units of the hospital, one was an emergency department. It's something similar to the E.R at your local hospital. 

The unit plans to pack up on the 18th and in September they plan to set up the training operation all over again.

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