Camelot Education sponsors bus tour to FL for insight on alternative education

PENSACOLA, FL (WTVM) - Some parents and school board members in Muscogee County are getting a firsthand look at how an outside firm handles alternative education.

Camelot Education sponsored school tours at its facility in Pensacola, Florida.

There are mixed opinions among a little over 20 people from Columbus that made the trip to Pensacola, Florida to see how Camelot is implemented into a school district.

Officials from Camelot say the students are here to get the help and encouragement needed to get an education. The academy graduates 90 percent of its students every year at this location, but if it's a fit for Muscogee County is for the people to decide.

Camelot is on the agenda for the Muscogee County School Board at their meeting tonight and some say there could potentially be a vote on whether or not it will be implemented in the school district.

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