Man appears in immigration court at Stewart County Detention Center

STEWART COUNTY, GA (WTVM) – A Shaw High School graduate made an appearance in immigration court Monday at the Stewart County Detention Center.

Multiple sources confirm to News Leader 9 that the judge denied bond for Jose Gonzalez Ochoa, telling the parties that they will have to wait until US Citizens and Immigration Services (USCIS) makes a decision to approve Gonzalez' U-Visa.

Gonzalez and loved ones expect a response in the next three weeks. If he's granted the U-Visa, he will stay.

If not, Gonzalez must sign his own deportation. Gonzalez' girlfriend says her parents are willing to sponsor him to allow him to move to Spain.

On Easter Sunday, Gonzalez was out driving with his girlfriend, when Harris County Sheriff's deputies pulled him over for speeding.

When asked to produce a license, he had no identification. Lopez wants the justice system to take into consideration what her boyfriend has offered and will continue to offer his community.

Gonzalez's attorney will argue that he qualifies for what's known as a "U-Visa." To qualify for this visa, Gonzalez' legal counsel plans to argue his client is the victim of mental and physical abuse from a family member.

In looking at deportation policies in the state of Georgia, only two counties offer sanctuary for undocumented immigrants.

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