WTVM Editorial 5/21/17: News Leader 9 sponsors Girls Inc. luncheon

(WTVM) – WTVM is asked to sponsor many community events and we do. It breaks our heart that we can't sponsor every event.

But one event was easy to say "yes" to because the positive work this group does impacts so many and has the potential to make everyone's quality of life that much better.

The organization is Girls, Inc. and the event was their fourth annual "Strong, Smart and Bold" luncheon.

We were just one of many sponsors, committed to getting the word out about the very important work this group does right here where we live.

Girls Inc. of Columbus and Phenix City has helped thousands of young girls gain the confidence and self-esteem they need to live more successful lives.

The Girls Inc. slogan of "Strong, Smart, and Bold" lists the qualities the group instills in teenage girls, giving them the support they need to excel in school and later in the workforce.

This year's honoree was Aflac U.S. President Teresa White, who created a summer program for Girls Inc. called "Bold Moves."

Teresa White knows a lot about bold moves herself, having achieved enormous success in the insurance field as a woman and an African-American.

Her inspirational, hands-on involvement is priceless to girls Inc. and its members.

Another inspirational woman is Leann Malone the Executive Director of Girls, Inc. She works day in and day out to make sure the organization grows in both community backing and financial support.

Leann Malone told us in an interview that the work Girls Inc. does to change one girl's life, can help change her family's life and truly change the world.

We couldn't say it better ourselves.

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