WTVM Editorial 5/21/17: Trump-Russia scandal

(WTVM) - National politics have become extremely polarizing in the past two decades, to say nothing of the past election cycle, and that keeps the American public deeply divided.

The results of the presidential election were supposed to be graciously accepted by either side, at least that's the way it's supposed to work.

But then the alleged Trump- Russia scandal broke and now national politics are even more of a "he said - he said" standoff than ever.

Enter Robert Mueller, the enormously respected FBI director under George Bush and Barack Obama.

The newly named special counsel to investigate Russian election interference if any.

His appointment should help ratchet down the often shrill partisanship on both sides.

Mueller is widely viewed as extremely competent, trustworthy and fair. If Mueller finds any collusion with Russia, both Republicans and Democrats can be satisfied that he will say so and prosecute any identified crimes.

If Mueller's investigators find that no crimes exist, then both sides must accept that finding and move on.

The government's paralysis, caused by an already lengthy and slow FBI investigation is not in the best interests of the American people.

Mueller is the right man, with the right credentials to get the investigation done, done right and done once and for all.

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