WTVM Editorial 5/28/17: Terror must be condemned

(WTVM) - Once again, terrorists have struck - a suicide bomber blowing himself up at a British concert attended mostly by innocent young girls.

In the scramble to investigate this latest outrage, it came out that British authorities had earlier investigated the bomber, but gave it up after they failed to see much activity from him.

Meanwhile, he was traveling back and forth to Libya.

A Muslim social worker told British reporters that local Muslims repeatedly reported the terrorist, Salman Abedi to the anti-terror hotline. But he wasn't stopped.

That is a failure of the investigators, but a good sign that Muslims in Britain are helping police.

A recent poll of British Muslims seemed to show just the opposite.

66 percent of the 1,081 Muslims surveyed by the British TV network "Channel 4" said they would not inform the police if they knew of any Muslims involved in plotting terror. Just 34 per cent said they would alert police.

32 percent of Muslims surveyed said they would refuse to condemn the use of violence against anyone who mocks their prophet, Muhammad.

So this makes the Muslims who came forward in Manchester with information part of a small but hopefully growing group of Muslims who have decided to stand up against terrorism and do what they can to help stop it.

Recent events in Manchester show that ISIS-inspired terrorists will continue to exploit and murder soft targets like the little girls who died at the concert.

Some British leaders have called this type of tragedy, while tragic, the new normal.

But no one, Muslim, or non-Muslim should ever accept violence, death, and terrorism. It is not normal and it never will be.

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