Columbus crime rates rise with national trend during summer months

(Source: WTVM)
(Source: WTVM)

COLUMBUS, GA - "You're going to find trouble in small cities or large cities," said Columbus resident Stacey White.

According to the United States Department of Justice, the summer season can be one of the most crime filled times of the year and crimes such as rape and aggravated assault see a spike in numbers, nationally.

News Leader 9 took a deeper look into the most recent Columbus Police Department crime reports released to the media from May 29 through June 1 and found that when it comes to crime rates spiking, the city of Columbus is no exception.

The Columbus Police Department reports cited approximately 100 property crimes,10 sex crimes, 41 aggravated assault related incidents, 20 drug related crimes, and over 159 miscellaneous crimes.

"But this is still a nice safe place," said Victoria Henley. "There are a lot of families here. It's a great destination."

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