WTVM Editorial 6/2/17: Distracted driving

(WTVM) - We think it's terrific that Columbus police are taking a creative approach to stopping distracted driving.

Last week they dressed as construction workers, hoping to spot drivers doing everything but paying attention to the road.

We see it ourselves. Drivers who run a stop sign because they're talking on the phone instead of watching the road. someone looking down to send a text.  
But no matter what we've seen, police officers have seen much worse: drivers eating, putting on makeup, working on a laptop, even reading a book or magazine while they're driving!

Distracted driving is a killer. The National Highway Traffic Safety Commission says eight people die each day and 1,000 more are injured in traffic accidents related to texting while driving.

But it's more than just texting. the National Safety Council says 70 percent of teenagers use a smartphone app while driving.

The leading apps for distracted drivers? Snapchat and Facebook.

The message local police are sending drivers needs to be heard by everyone, young and old.

Driving is serious business. your car weighs two tons, that's 4,000 pounds, and it's moving at high speed.

Your car is a lethal weapon. our duty as drivers is to operate that weapon responsibly.

Taking your eyes off the road to look at a text message may not kill you, but it could kill someone else.

We support police crackdowns on distracted driving because when they bust a distracted driver, they could be saving a life.

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