Legal arguments begin in case of Columbus v. Columbus Regional Health

(Source: Jose Zozaya/WTVM)
(Source: Jose Zozaya/WTVM)

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) – The Supreme Court of Georgia will hear the first round of arguments from lawyers representing both the City of Columbus and Columbus Regional Health this after several lower courts have ruled in favor of the hospital group in a tax dispute.

This legal battle started when the city of Columbus began billing Columbus Regional Healthcare for property taxes on Spring Harbor, a retirement community owned by the healthcare group.

Up to this point, both The Georgia Court of Appeals and Muscogee County Superior Court have ruled in favor of the organization's Hospital Authority, stating the "act of creating and buying the retirement home as "public property"" means the facility is exempt from ad valorem property taxation.

That is what the Board of Tax Assessors in Columbus is once again appealing.

Oral arguments are expected to go on until Tuesday.

Several of the attorneys that have represented both parties over the life of this case will return to make their own arguments to the Supreme Court.

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