SEGMENT: BBB debunks common consumer myths

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) – When it comes to scams, and there are plenty of them out there, there are lots of facts and a lot of false information about what you should and can do.

Just navigating through what's fact and fiction can be a task within itself.

Kelvin Collins, President and CEO of the Better Business Bureau stopped by News Leader 9 to debunk some common consumer myths.

Here are some questions to ask yourself before you watch the guest segment to test your knowledge:

  1. True or False? Georgia has a Lemon Law to protect consumers who purchase new automobiles.
  2. True or False? If you sign a contract you have three days to change your mind and rescind the agreement.
  3. True or False? If you win sweepstakes, you will be required to send the company a check to cover taxes on your winnings.
  4. True or False? If you lose money to a scam, there are companies that can get your money back for you, for a small fee.
  5. True or False? All the money given to a charity must go to the intended purpose.
  6. True or False? If you contract verbally with a company to make certain repairs on your home for a certain amount of money and the work is not finished, you have a case that can be easily won in court.

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