Ralston Towers given 60 days to update code violations

Ralston Towers given 60 days to update code violations
(Source: WTVM)
(Source: WTVM)

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - The Ralston Towers in downtown Columbus is racing the clock to fix the needed updates and repairs to their fire-alarm system.

An additional 60 days or 2-month extension has been granted by the Columbus Consolidated Government Inspections and Codes to perform the necessary work.

It was in April when news broke of The Ralston Towers in Downtown Columbus failing to meet standard fire code violations. A 27-page report by Inspection and Code Enforcement officials highlighting the alleged unsafe living conditions.

Work is currently being done to the basement and the first floor to repair the fire alarm.

A preliminary drawing has been done for floors 2-10, but no work has yet been done.

People who live in the Ralston share their concerns for the lack of fire system and the dire need for repairs.

Ricky Talley, who has lived at the Ralston since 2014 says he is concerned for his safety.

"I live on the eighth floor. By the time I realize that there is a fire here, it's going to be too late," said Talley.

Other tenants at the Ralston say the fire standards is the least of their worries.

According to the residents, the air has been broken for over three weeks, and there is another infestation of bed bugs.

If the needed repairs are not made to the fire alarm within the required time, the building could face permanent closure.

John Hudginson, Director of Inspections and Code for the Columbus Consolidated Government says they are being relatively lenient since the majority of the minor work, to the fire sprinkler,  has already been repaired.

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