WTVM Editorial 6/25/17: Bill Cosby road show?

(WTVM) - Just when you think you've heard everything comes the recent news that comedian Bill Cosby plans to embark on a national speaking tour to teach others how to avoid being charged with a sex crime.

Cosby, you may recall, has been accused of drugging and assaulting no fewer than 50 separate women.

His mistrial on the one criminal case he faced has apparently now emboldened him to think that a road show is a good idea.

His spokesman just told our Birmingham sister station, WBRC, that the public wants to hear from Cosby right now...even before he faces the promised retrial in that Pennsylvania criminal case.

Maybe Cosby thinks that because all the lurid details of his alleged sexual misconduct have already been publicly aired, there is no shame now in trying to capitalize on his situation.

If not for money, could Cosby be trying to influence potential future jurors before a retrial?

Once, Bill Cosby was a role model for every American and a hero to black America. He achieved phenomenal and well-deserved success as an actor and educator.

But that was in his professional life before the dozens of women came forward with similar stories about drugs and unwanted advances.

So, whatever happened to humility? Why not let some time pass after such a high-profile trial, before jumping back into the public spotlight, and on such a sensitive subject?

So, why does Cosby want to do this? Why would he feel the need to lecture on the topic of how to avoid charges of sexual assault?

Well, Cosby's spokesman Andrew Wyatt says the town hall meetings will target young people and athletes who "need to know what they're facing when they're hanging out, partying and doing things they shouldn't be doing."

Well, how about for starters, the parents of those young people teach them right from wrong.

Then they won't need any guidance from Bill Cosby.

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