WTVM Editorial 6/25/17: Jobs in 2030

(WTVM) - The Georgia State Chamber of Commerce is doing a good job of looking far into our future to make sure local communities prepare for the major changes we will see in less than 15 years.

It's a project called Georgia 2030.

The Chamber says by 2030 the state will change dramatically - there will be more millennials and even more seniors and a much more diverse workforce.

At a recent luncheon in Columbus, it was inspiring to hear the Chamber focus on the true foundation of a strong economy.

That foundation is made up of improving graduation rates, increasing reading proficiency and encouraging more trade and technical school graduates.

We agree with Chris Clark, the Georgia Chamber Executive Director when he says we need to take immediate steps to improve the chances for Georgia's young people to take advantage of the opportunities coming between now and 2030.

The Georgia Chamber works hard to lure solid businesses to our state.

But if the candidates for the jobs that are created by those businesses, almost two million jobs are not qualified, the success of our state and our citizens will be in jeopardy.

So, insist that your children learn to read and write well. insist they understand math and encourage them to study the wonders of science and engineering, learn a skilled trade or go to college.

The generation of students that are in grade school now are the ones who will determine our future. 2030 will be here before you know it.

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