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Columbus Rocks community group increasing in popularity

(Source: Jeremy Hayes/WTVM) (Source: Jeremy Hayes/WTVM)
(Source: Jeremy Hayes/WTVM) (Source: Jeremy Hayes/WTVM)
Source: (Michelle Fierro/Facebook) Source: (Michelle Fierro/Facebook)

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) – Church members at Rose Hill Baptist Church on Hamilton Road took part in a rock hide and find activity as the Columbus Rocks movement is increasing in popularity.

The church group hid about 100 rocks for the youth Wednesday evening. The goal was for kids in the community to come out and to find rocks and to do it in a safe place.

This is the first time the church has done this and they hope to do more in the future. They also are trying to get other churches involved in holding fun events such as this one with the rocks in a safe fun environment.

This is all a part of the Columbus Rocks movement that is becoming very popular on Facebook. The group now has grown to a following of over 12,000 on their Facebook page. The page gets hundreds of posts a day and has amazing momentum. 

Some kids are not able to make a trip to the popular hiding areas like the Riverwalk and parks so a church event is a great and safe opportunity for kids of all ages to have fun.

“The community is doing Columbus Rocks. In a big way, I have personally found a rock in Phenix City. Then I found out these rocks are traveling places. They are in Florida, they are in New York City. People are on vacation are taking the rocks with them. I certainly am not the perfect spokesman for the rocks, because all I know is that I enjoy the rocks. So, we have done some rocks and we have taken the rocks and hid them because we want the youth to enjoy the rocks,” said event coordinator Misty Kearney.

Community churches becoming involved opens the fun to those who walk or ride church vans from their surrounding neighborhoods.

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