Russell County garbage truck driver allegedly hits, kills 3 dogs

RUSSELL COUNTY, AL (WTVM) – A Russell County woman is distraught after her dogs were allegedly run over by a Russell County sanitation worker.

Christina Hayes says on Wednesday, June 28 the Russell County garbage truck ran down and killed her three dogs one by one, her almost 6-year-old Ruby, a golden retriever, and her two 7-month-old fur babies, Tazz and Smokey Robinson.

"They were my protection and friends and now I have neither thanks to Russell County sanitation in Alabama. And on top of it I still have to pay the murdering driver to come do it again," Hayes said.

Christina says she heard a commotion outside and found each dog laying along the side of the road immediately following the accident.

"I call my dogs family. Why can't they be held accountable for what they did? If there is a humane society when something inhumane is done line this, then why isn't anything done about it?" said Hayes.

The Russell County Administrator, LeAnn Horne released the following statement on this incident:

We are looking at every possible side. An official report has been filed with the sheriff's department. The driver has been placed on administrative leave pending the investigation. If we find that there is any wrongdoing it will be dealt with to correct the matter. My heart goes out to Mrs. Hayes and anyone who loses a pet. We are taking this very seriously and will get to the bottom of it.

Christina says she is now forced to mourn the loss of not only one, but three dogs who she says were taken from her by a malicious and careless act. She hopes to raise awareness for other pet owners.

"Anybody who can run down three dogs one by one without a care, that's cold-hearted," said Hayes.

The identity of the sanitation worker has not been released.

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