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New technology cuts down recovery time for local water rescue teams

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COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - News Leader 9's Chandler Morgan spent the day with rescue crews learning the in and outs of a new sonar technology that made its debut Thursday in the areas most recent water recovery. 

Columbus Fire Marshall, Ricky Shores says, "It's really kind of intuitive. The technology is such that it really takes the guess work out of adjusting the signal."

Shores says it's through new sonar technology that rescue crews can locate their victims faster when search recovery missions are necessary.

"It really helped the guys determine what they are looking at, as opposed to a big mass when they aren't sure what it really is," says Shores. "Several frequencies to give us a better image of what's on the bottom."

The over one thousand dollar sonar equipment cutting down search time and risks for rescue divers in the water during missions.

"The side scan gives us the best relief or image quality but it's difficult to use in those tight areas."

Shores says in the most recent recovery happening Thursday due to the tight channel area of Bibb Pond, the rescue crew used the down view scanner to locate 52-year-old Manold Felis-Perez's body.

"So in this circumstance, they used the down view and really focused their attention on exactly what was under the boat."

But Shores says every rescue and recovery situation is different.

"If they are half floating horizontal...vertical, that makes a difference on how far down range they will go."

And Shores recommends anyone who wears a life jacket to make sure its U.S. Coast Guard approved.

"There's just too many variables that come into play," says Shores.

Shores says almost all of their water rescue team is trained to use the equipment, and they have plans to purchase another extension to the sonar adding a frontal scanner for even more precise detection. 

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