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Toomer's Oaks recovery process continues

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AUBURN, AL (WTVM) - It's been four months since the famous Toomer's Oaks in Auburn have been replanted and now News Leader 9 has an update on the recovery process.

The trees are being monitored very closely, and with the hot weather conditions, the main concern is making sure the trees get enough water. 

There are currently two observation tubes on each tree that allows arborists to see how much water the trees are receiving. 

Auburn University officials say they're dedicated to doing they best they can, and admit getting these trees in peak shape will be a lengthy process.

"Just like with any other transplant, the larger the tree that you have the longer it's going to take for the tree to establish in its new environment. but so far we've seen no stress out of these trees and they seem to be acclimating well to their new environment," says AU arborist, Alex Hedgepath.

Campus Planner, Ben Burmester says, "Well I think it shows the resilience of the university and the community considering the poisoning, the fire. You can still see the commitment of the university to still have these two healthy trees here at the corner."

The trees were replanted in February after one of them was severely damaged after a fire back in September. 
Auburn University officials say the trees will not be able to be rolled this fall.

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