WTVM Editorial: 7/9/17: Prosecute shooters in video

(WTVM) - A video posted by the Eufaula Police Department shows an out of control mob in a public place and an escalating fight that leads to shots fired.

This video was taken at the Citgo gas station on Eufaula Avenue, just after midnight a few days ago.

This very public and commonplace - the kind of place we all go to frequently and think we are safe - became the site of indiscriminate gunfire: random bullets flying through the air, and other major disorderly conduct.

The Eufaula Police are vowing to arrest anyone involved in the gunfire and fight, and they say they won't tolerate any more dangerous, anti-social behavior like this.

We hope the police follow through in hunting down the offenders and bringing them to justice.

We also urge anyone with information identifying the participants to come forward and do the right thing.

Unfortunately for Eufaula, the people in this video - who police say had been partying nearby just before the shootings --did not do the right thing when they had the chance.

Letting petty disagreements evolve into a mob scene and then escalate to gunfire is completely idiotic and potentially deadly. Those bullets could kill an innocent person blocks away.

People should feel safe in a public place, especially a common place of business like a gas station.

A fight doesn't belong there. Joining in to add to the unruly mob is irresponsible.

Pulling out a gun and shooting wildly in the crowd is beyond uncivilized.

It's criminal, it can't be tolerated and needs to be strongly prosecuted.

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