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Former employee speaks out about Ralston Towers condition

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COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - A former employee of the Ralston speaks out about what he saw in recent months while he worked inside the tower.

He asked that News Leader 9 keep his identity concealed.

In his interview, he describes issued dating back several months with the buildings heating and air.. some of the issue caused by bugs living in and destroying residents thermostats.

"They're just trying to sweep it up a bit and get the authorities off their back," says the former employee.

The Ralston is now being forced to by the city to make repairs or face closure. 

A letter from the inspections and codes office lists five demands.

One of which requires that each unit be below 80 degrees. 

Another requirement stating that any tenant whose unit is closed shall be relocated at the owner's expense.

Following the death of Charles Hart, the Ralston released a statement saying in part:

" The thermostat had been turned off and when Ralston staff turned it on and lowered the temperature from 98 degrees where it had apparently been set by the resident. It turned on and began to blow cold air."

The former Ralston employee says when he was working there, the residents had little control over the thermostats.

He says, "They had the thermostats programmed so that they could control how warm the room got or how cold it got. The tenant only had a 4-degree range from 74-78."

"It was like talking to a brick wall, they would now order things they needed to."

He also says that management threatened and talked down to the residents when issues arose.

"I could write a book about the issues people had and they wouldn't fix. Their attitude was you are nobody and I am the manager you will do what I say or I will get you kicked out."

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