Fort Benning among those receiving more defense funding for upcoming year

(Source: WTVM)
(Source: WTVM)

FORT BENNING, GA (WTVM) - "This is important for the overall mission of our military but also a really good bill for the state of Georgia."

Congressman Drew Ferguson, representing Georgia's 3rd District, said the National Defense Authorization Act is revamping for 2018.

"What this bill does is this authorizes our military and the funding for it," said Ferguson.

Ferguson sits on the national budget committee and said the Fiscal Year of 2018 budget includes an increase in defense spending.

"We are boosting military spending by about $70 billion which we think is vitally important for the military and safety and security of this nation," said Ferguson.

Ferguson said Fort Benning will be seeing that boost.

"We are increasing the numbers of men and women that we will have available to serve," said Ferguson. "We're going to have additional funding for the Abrams tanks and the fighting vehicles."

Ferguson said the increase in spending is not just about strength in numbers but also equipment and resources.

"Benning has the maneuver center of excellence and we need to make sure that when the men and women graduate from that facility that they have the tools they need," said Ferguson.

Ferguson said for every dollar increased in defense spending the committee cuts mandatory spending at a three to one margin.

"In 2017 the budget started at about $12 billion of mandatory spending reductions. This year on the floor or the minimum amount is going to be about $200 billion," said Ferguson.

Ferguson said Robbins Air Force base, Fort Gordon, Moody Air Force Base, and Lockheed Martin in Marietta are several other areas set to receive increased funding.

The committee will vote on this bill by the end of this week or early next week according to Ferguson.

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