WTVM Editorial 7/16/17: Fort Benning help

(WTVM) - $70 billion- that's how much Congress wants to add to the overall military spending appropriations in 2018 compared to last year.

That's exciting and very welcome news to Fort Benning and the greater Columbus area.

Congressman Drew Ferguson told News Leader 9 in an exclusive interview that his budget committee in the House plans to boost military spending overall and that all of Georgia's military posts will directly benefit, though the exact numbers are unknown until the bill is hammered out in Congress.

But the news of more funding for all branches of the service is important.

Besides being the right thing to do to restore America's military capabilities, giving facilities like Fort Benning a financial shot in the arm will be just what the local economy needs.

When Fort Benning is strong, local businesses gain strength, too. More soldiers at Fort Benning means more jobs, more and maybe bigger paychecks and just more commerce happening overall.

It translates to more home sales and rentals, more restaurants visited, more retail sales, more auto purchases, more appliances bought...it isn't rocket science. Consumer spending is the proven engine of a healthy economy.

So it is vitally important that everyone support Congressman Ferguson's efforts to get our military back on track, properly equipped and properly staffed.

With hot spots popping up around the globe, it's necessary now more than ever to make sure our military, not just at Fort Benning but across Georgia and the nation, is a top priority.

When local communities benefit from that investment, it's a big win for everyone.

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