AL health officials urge precautions against mosquitoes

AL health officials urge precautions against mosquitoes

(WTVM) - According to the Center for disease control, The Southern United States shows a substantial increase in the number of counties that reported evidence of the mosquitoes that can spread a number of diseases including the Zika virus.

The Alabama Department of Public Health has already had 7 confirmed cases Mosquito-Borne Diseases this year.

They are urging people to take precautions.

Simple things like wearing long sleeves, pants and using repellents containing DEET can help you avoid the bite.

With recent rainfall we've had they are also reminding residents to get rid of standing water where mosquitoes lay their eggs and their larvae live and grow.

Dee Jones with the Alabama Department of Public Health says, "Concentrate on the standing water. such things as bird baths. kids swimming pools anywhere where the water is stagnant you can dump and vastly decrease your mosquito burden."

Keep in mind many mosquitoes are most active in the early mornings and early evenings around dusk.

Health officials continue to keep a watchful eye on Zika, the virus that sparked widespread concern last year.

They do have a protocol in place to prevent it.

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