New Alabama law looks to enhance safety during traffic stops

(WTVM) – A new law will go into effect August 1 that will allow drivers in Alabama to store their cars registration and proof of insurance on their phones.

The new law was passed in hopes of making law enforcement interactions with the public safer and more convenient.

"They don't know if the person might be hiding something or giving the impression that they are or worse attempting to locate a weapon," says Lee County Sheriff Jay Jones.

The new law will hopefully reduce the amount of digging drivers have to do while searching for their documents.

"In my experience. People keep their phones on their dash or on the seat," explains Auburn Police Lieutenant Jamey Presley. "They usually don't have them in their pockets while they are driving."

While the new law would require you to give your phone to the officer, Lt. Presley says that "officers will be able to look at it at the car if the driver presents the picture they are just looking to verify."

Sheriff Jones says he understands the concern of giving your phone to someone you don't know but says the new law is strict about what the officers can do.

"The officer or deputy only may access the information in regards to the registration and proof of insurance and nothing else," Jones said.

Law enforcement is also not responsible for any damages that may happen to the device while it is being used.

This law will take effect August 1, 2017.

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