WTVM Editorial 7/21/17: History is valuable

(WTVM) – WTVM opened its new building here on Wynton Road in October of 1970.

We recently started featuring historic highlights about WTVM and members of the WTVM family you may remember.

It's our own 'Throwback Thursday' and we hope you enjoy it.

The grand opening of WTVM in October of 1970 was not the most important thing that happened 47 years ago, despite the fact Burt Reynolds made a personal appearance here to mark the special occasion.

But remembering and studying history of any kind is important. It can put our complicated world in context.

The popular author Michael Crichton said, "If you don't know history then you don't know anything, you are a leaf that doesn't know it's part of a tree."

More schools should teach history. Historic milestones give us a valuable frame of reference.

It helps us see the bigger picture around us.

A lot happened back in 1970. In Washington, 100,000 protestors marched against the Vietnam War. The ill-fated Apollo 13 moon mission had the world holding its breath.

And the Beatles officially broke up in 1970. Understanding the past can help put the present in perspective.

For instance, we've learned how to wage war with drones. We learned from the Apollo 13 mishaps and it paved the way for future space exploration, maybe to Mars.

And we learned Beatles music will live forever. History and the passing of time are valuable in other ways. Financial ways.

We now know that if you had purchased 100 shares of Walmart – which made its initial stock offerings the same month in 1970 that WTVM moved into this building – you would have 12 million dollars today. History is amazing.

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