WTVM Editorial 7/21/17: Growing careers

(WTVM) – We're all fortunate to have exceptionally successful businesses to call our area home.

Companies like Synovus, TSYS and Aflac.

And just last week, Aflac held its third annual career awareness expo, which aims to open up the world of career possibilities at Aflac to both potential employees and current employees who can learn how to advance their careers at Aflac and what skills they will need to make it happen.

We applaud Aflac's leadership in helping grow the careers of their own employees just as much as they try to recruit new employees.

It's a refreshing approach: sometimes your best employees are in another role but don't know how to transition up the ladder without internal support.

Aflac's career expo also provided immensely valuable advice for employees: how to dress properly for business.

Creating a professional look in the workplace is as important a business skill as any other, but too often such practical, personal advice is never given.

So, we encourage other employers to follow Aflac's lead in creating opportunities for their employees to succeed, personally and professionally.

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