Victim's loved one hosts rally to honor lives lost to violence

(Source: Marla Spence/WTVM)
(Source: Marla Spence/WTVM)

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - In light of the recent gun violence and deaths across Columbus and Phenix City, one woman is hoping to cut back on the violence with a take back the community rally.

This is the second rally held by Montrice McClendon.

The first held in Phenix City where her brother Steven McClendon was shot dead this past May.

She says she will continue to host these events like these in until the crime rate lowers and until unsolved cases like her brothers are solved.

Montrice McClendon, says "We're going to have a tribute dinner for all the victim's families and we're going to do this every year. We're going to have Det. Christopher Anderson from first 48. He's a nationally known detective. The reason we're doing this is to bring attention to Columbus and Phenix City.People need to know what's going on in these small communities."

That event will be August 26th at the Downtown Marriott where families of victims will also receive resources needed after losing a loved one to gun violence.

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