Kickoff meeting held for September Sickle Cell Association Walk

(Source: Rico Mitchell/WTVM)
(Source: Rico Mitchell/WTVM)

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) – The local Sickle Cell Association of had a kickoff meeting Thursday night in preparation for the annual Sickle Cell Walk.

The walk is held each September and is the biggest fundraiser for the association. Thursday night, people signed up for the walk and the association, and some also paid their $20 fee for the walk. The fee is discounted for children.

"We are meeting also for the purpose of planning and getting down to the last details of what we need to cover so that we can bring a successful event and also one that's entertaining  and enjoyable for the people who come donate their money to our sickle cell cause," said Louis Williams, President of the Association of Sickle Cell Lower Chattahoochee Region.

The walk will be Saturday, September 16 at the Fourth Street Missionary Baptist Church in Columbus in the parking lot.

They encourage those with sickle cell to register so that they know the numbers of people with sickle cell in the area.

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