WTVM Editorial 7/30/17: Facebook good and evil

(WTVM) – There are good things about Facebook and there are bad things about Facebook.

Sometimes the bad things are downright heinous and evil.

The post showed a picture of a young, black child and made a disgusting racist comment about him going to the highest bidder.

One of the administrators of the Facebook page refused to remove the deplorable comments.

His profile, almost certainly fake by the way, identified himself as a man named Matt – using this picture of a man with a mustache.

But the picture isn't real – the photo the man used is really of the notorious BTK serial killer in Kansas.

The point is, none of us can be expected to automatically know whether a post or a profile is legitimate.

So, we need to be smart.

Report bad actors and bad behavior on Facebook. Don't wait for someone else to do it.

Block users and update your privacy settings.

You can perform reverse image searches on Google to check on the validity of a profile, but most of all, be extremely cautious.

Simply don't engage with racist haters.

And if a post includes a threat, local police will investigate and the culprits can be located in many cases.

Thank goodness, there's also a lot of caring and generous Facebook users to balance out the horrible ones.

Such as this story we reported on a local woman who put out the call for breast milk for her immune-compromised baby girl.

Wonderful mothers offered to share their breast milk through a credible Facebook group.

Now the Harris County mom has breast milk for her baby full of immune-building enzymes.

It's a happy story of a community coming together.

But in many scenarios, when it comes to Facebook, it really is "buyer beware."

If you're on a public Facebook page and you expect everyone to be truthful and safe, you had better think again.

It always pays to listen to your instincts, never divulge too much information and always proceed with caution.

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