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Local medical experts stressing contact sport safety as school year begins

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(Source: WTVM) (Source: WTVM)

“Its so hot, so its very important for our children to stay healthy," Pediatric Medical Director at Midtown Medical Center, Rebecca Reamy.

Reamy says now is the time when some of the most dangerous conditions surround outdoor athletes, especially early intro football season. Reamy says with the hot temperatures, dehydration is just one of the many injuries possible.  

Reamy continuing saying coaches and parents should practice and play with precautions in order to "decrease the risk in playing organized sports not only from injuries like concussions but also dehydration."

Coaches and attendees of an evening sports safety conference on August 3rd sponsored by Columbus Regional Health, receiving interactive education when it comes to preventive and active safety.

“Sports is a lot of fun and football is a lot of fun. But we just pulled together some of our area mater coaches on concussion prevention, ways to prevent injuries," said director of Safe Kids, Pam Fair.

Veterans Middle School Soccer Coach Scott Newman was one of the many coaches in attendance. Newman says one of the biggest takeaways from tonight's event was learning the proper signs of dehydration and concussions.

Coaches also learned the skills of how to train to prevent injuries from happening again.

“Just do it right the first time.. And just play it safe," said Reamy.

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