MCSB members speak on upcoming school year following controversy

(Source: WTVM)
(Source: WTVM)

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Classes will start in just a few days for Muscogee County and questions are swirling about the state of the School Board following controversy earlier this year.

With recent controversy from the school board this past school year – News Leader 9's Parker Branton went to board members to see what exactly their mission is for the year and if anything is changing.

Board Member Cathy Williams says, "Our mission is always about educating the children, all of the children regardless of where they come from or where they are going and so that does not change from year to year."

Muscogee County school board member Cathy Williams visited J.D. Davis Elementary School days before class is back in session.

"Sometimes our focus might change but this year is just like every year lets start it great let's finish it great."

This past school year an alternative education program, Camelot Education was struck down by some board members. Williams says the efforts to provide a learning environment for all students won't stop.

"...Whether they're athletic, academic, artistic or autistic we have to make sure we meet each child where they are at."

School board member Frank Myers was against the alternative program and sent a statement about the mission of the school board this year saying:

"A few months ago, a majority of the school board spent $25,000 on a new "mission statement" that accomplishes absolutely nothing for the betterment of our young people.

Instead, the real mission of the school board should be to focus full attention and all necessary resources on the majority of our third graders who cannot read at grade level.  We already know 90% of these kids will end up in prison or public assistance because they can't read at this crucial point in their education, yet Superintendent Lewis and a majority of the board refuse to address this very real problem."

Regardless of all the on goings, District Seven board member Williams says the focus of the board is on the children.

"We try not to let things distract us – here at JD Davis they are getting ready to kick off a phenomenal year and I'm here to support them."

Schools are set back to start for the district on Monday.

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