Republican candidate Mo Brooks visits Auburn 10 days ahead of AL primary election

Republican candidate Mo Brooks visits Auburn 10 days ahead of AL primary election
(Source: WTVM)
(Source: WTVM)

AUBURN, AL (WTVM) - The clock is winding down for candidates to win over voters support in the Alabama primary special election. One candidate made a stop in Auburn Saturday hoping to take advantage of the large graduation crowds to spread his message.

A small crowd gathered to see candidate Mo Brooks on his "Drain the Swamp Bus Tour." Brooks met with supporters and spent time trying to win over undecided voters ahead of the August 15 primary.

The field is crowded for what Mo Brooks calls the highest position Alabama has to offer. With 18 candidates, ten of those on the republican ticket, a run off is likely to narrow down the field.

In our exclusive Raycom News Network and Strategy Research poll, nearly 49% of likely democratic voters tell us they support Robert Kennedy Jr.

On the republican side, 35% of likely voters tell us their support is with the man currently filling the seat, Luther Strange.

The race much tighter on the republican side with three men as the main contenders for that seat. Luther Strange, Roy Moore, and Mo Brooks are the only people on the republican ticket earning support in the double digits.

"We have a bunch of candidates," says Brooks, "But quite frankly there is a second tear of candidates way down in single digits and a top three in the upper tear."

While Brooks is third in our poll, he spent time in Auburn Saturday eager to sway undecided voters.

Brooks says what sets him apart from other candidates is his ethics.

"In those 30 years of public service, I have had zero complaints against me with the Alabama Ethics Commission or any other federal oversight agency."

Earlier this week Brooks and Moore were on the attack of Luther Strange, the lone candidate not at a forum hosted in Wetumpka. Both candidates said that Strange is the establishment candidate and that they offer an alternative.

"In this election, the swamp is fighting back and that swamps candidate is Luther Strange," says Mo Brooks.

"Out of Washington, we are seeing a lot of money going into this campaign and it isn't going to either of us," says Former Alabama Chief Justice, Roy Moore. "They do not want,'a conservative rebel.'"

We reached out to Luther Strange but did not receive a response.

A run off is likely between the two Republican candidates earning the most votes.

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