WTVM Editorial 8/6/17: Breed specific sterilization

WTVM Editorial 8/6/17: Breed specific sterilization

(WTVM) – It may be time to consider the merits of sterilization for a specific breed of dogs: pit bulls.

Last week, a northern Georgia grandmother tried in vain to save her toddler grandson from being killed by two of her pit bulls.

The woman, Sandra Adams of Hartwell, Georgia, was no stranger to local police.

She had been cited numerous times in just the past few years for problems involving her pit bulls.

Now she faces charges of murder.

For many of us who are animal lovers, it sounds harsh to focus on a breed of dog as inherently dangerous.

But animal right advocates like the outspoken activist group PETA, as well as dog bite victim groups like dogbite.org all agree that breed specific sterilization can combat the growth of the pit bull population and thus, reduce dangerous incidents or fatalities, like the death of the little boy in Hartwell.

Dogbite.org claims in the 12-year period between 2005 and 2016, dogs killed 392 Americans.

Pit bulls accounted for 65 percent or 254 of those deaths.

There is no doubt that some advocates for animal rights believe it's the animal owners who are largely– and usually legally responsible for their dog's behavior.

Pit bull lovers believe the breed is not the problem.

Rather they say it's the occasional bad owner whose abuse of the animal is to blame when a dangerous dog gets loose and mauls an innocent victim.

However, the A.S.P.C.A. has gone on the record saying pit bulls are indeed dangerous because it's in their genes.

They've been bred to behave differently during a fight, and often give no warning before turning aggressive.

It happened in an instant to the little boy in northern Georgia, whose death is now making national news.

Breed specific sterilization may be one part of the complicated answer to keeping such a horrific event from happening in the future.

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