WTVM Editorial 8/6/17: Bill Turner’s legacy

WTVM Editorial 8/6/17: Bill Turner’s legacy

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - When William "Bill" Bradley Turner passed away last week at the age of 94, generations of Columbus residents mourned the loss of a true public servant.

But more recent generations may not be as familiar with the man who built a tangible, long-lasting legacy all over our city.

Bill Turner was a business leader, of the W.C. Bradley Corporation, Synovus, and TSYS.

He created the Pastoral Institute in the 1970's and established servant leadership programs at many universities including Columbus State.

But in learning more about Mr. Turner's life myself, I found that one of the most remarkable stories was about his deep Christian faith.

Especially his life-long dedication to sharing his beliefs with others to help make their lives better.

Our Chuck Leonard reported that Bill Turner taught Sunday school at St. Luke Methodist Church for more than half a century, even planning any trips he took so that he could be back in Columbus for the Sunday morning classes he took so seriously.

Yes, he shared his fortune and built up our community with countless donations and even more numerous hours of public service.

But most of all he lived his life true to his deep religious commitment.

Bill Turner's unassuming dedication to helping others turned out to be every bit as important as his often anonymous and generous financial donations.

We believe he knows the entire community is grateful.

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