WTVM Editorial 8/13/17: Child I.D. kits

(WTVM) - When children went back to school during the past two weeks, parents, like they always do, made sure their students had the right school supplies, the latest clothes and maybe a fresh haircut.

But what some parents don't think about often enough is making sure they have a child I.D. kit for their precious little ones.

They want parents to take a good quality picture of their child, and record their height and weight and other personal characteristics, in case police ever need to search for them. The start of the school year is a great time to do it.

Maybe just as important are the conversations you should have with your child about personal safety at each stage of their lives.

For elementary school kids, it's important they know their address and your phone number by heart in case they get lost.

Children of five or six can be told in a non-threatening way that some people do hurt children and to always tell a trusted adult if they feel uncomfortable.

Conversations with middle schoolers can focus on self-esteem, encouraging them not to let peer pressure influence them to make bad decisions.

In high school, kids may try to test limits, but parents can help them model good behavior by asking how they might deal with different scenarios involving personal safety.

Whatever age your child is, make sure they know you care about them and their success and that you will always listen to them.

A new school year marks a great time to create an I.D. kit for your child and have these important talks with them, so your child can confidently navigate through all the highs and lows of growing up, safe and sound.

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