AL continues to face emergency blood shortage

(Source: Brandon Etheredge/WTVM)
(Source: Brandon Etheredge/WTVM)
(Source: Brandon Etheredge/WTVM)
(Source: Brandon Etheredge/WTVM)

(WTVM) - The state of Alabama continues to face an emergency blood shortage for most of the summer but now a special need for some of Alabama's tiniest patients.

Schools like Auburn University being out for the summer means different things to different people.

For blood donation centers across the state, it means thousands of donors gone for the summer and an emergency need for blood donations.

Stephanie Shorter with Life South says, "We have one platelet left on the shelf."

An emergency blood shortage in effect across the state and the country as the summer months begin to wind down.

"No matter how we try to prepare for it right before the summer, we still end up some kind of way in a blood shortage," says Shorter.

And the process for giving that needed blood can take as little as thirty minutes.

Shorter says, "They are just giving blood it will take 30 min. we are in desperate need for platelets. That takes a little longer – an hour to two hours depending if it is their first time or not."

This current shortage is having an extreme effect on some of the youngest recipients.

Children's hospitals across the state looking for donors to help their tiny patients with a certain type of blood.

Shorter says, "We encourage our community to come out and donate platelets especially if you are AB-/+."

For details on where you can give blood and requirements for donors, you can visit the red cross or life south on line.

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