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Retired Fort Benning Sgt. needs help locating service dog for son with autism

(Source: Hogan family) (Source: Hogan family)

A Retired Staff Sergeant from Fort Benning is asking for your help in locating her son's emotional support service dog.

Jacare Hogan says her son with autism, relies on his emotional support dog, Bowser. But Hogan says six days ago Bowser, escaped from a loose gate while in their yard at home.

Hogan also has a service dog herself for seizure alerts named Carley. The missing dog, Bowser, was one of Carley's puppies. Hogan says not only is her son distressed about his missing dog, but Carley and the entire family are missing their four-legged family member.

"Bowser was one of [Carley's] puppies who was raised by her side and trained as an Emotional Service Support dog for my son," said Hogan. "Not only is Bowser AKC registered, but unfortunately he has the visible stigma of being a Blue Pitbull."

Hogan says she is especially worried for Bowser's safety while he is lost because as a pit bull, Hogan believes most people "will not see him as a service dog but either as a threat or for breeding or fighting."

Bowser is a blue pit bull with a white striped face marking. 

Hogan also says Bowser is micro-chipped.  

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