Special Report: Couples Court Behind The Scenes

(Source: Jeremy Hayes/WTVM)
(Source: Jeremy Hayes/WTVM)
(Source: Jeremy Hayes/WTVM)
(Source: Jeremy Hayes/WTVM)
(Source: The Cutlers)
(Source: The Cutlers)

ATLANTA (WTVM) - Televisions first-ever married couple to preside over a court show is embarking on new territory as award-winning trial attorneys in real-life and now to the bench on the small screen.

Judges Keith and Dana Cutler are bringing their experience of being together for a total of 35 years as a couple and as parents for 26 years to help other couples in crisis on a new syndicated, half-hour weekday show called, "Couples Court with the Cutlers."

"I think, I am what I am. I'm am going to say exactly what I feel about what you're doing...a true dose of Dana's reality," explained Dana Cutler.

That means she can be funny or serious in her feedback to the litigants while Keith Cutler said he's more detailed oriented when it comes to balancing the scales of justice.

Keith Cutler said, "I can very quickly figure out when something doesn't make sense. If it just doesn't smell right, feel right, I can drill and drill until I get the information to help make a decision to help the litigants."

When our Fox 54 cameras were on set with the Cutlers in Atlanta recently, a woman brought her boyfriend to court hoping to find out if he's having a fling with her co-worker.

She presented cell phone data as evidence to help prove her case. It's just one of many high tech tools this court utilizes to help uncover the truth.  Other tactics include GPS tracking, cell phone data, private investigators, and decoys.

"The majority of cases involve someone who is accusing their partner of cheating and so the other partner is here to defend themselves and prove their innocence," added Keith Cutler.

Don't expect the Cutlers to always agree with each other even with their long history of love.

"There are lots of time she's like, don't you agree with me and I'm like, no...I can't go there with you and it helps the litigants because they get true perspective from both of us," said Keith Cutler.

The Cutlers also explained that viewers can expect to see some interesting stories featuring couples who are in some of the most emotionally charged moments in relationships.

After the show, the litigants are led into a separate area with professionals who work behind the scenes to offer resources like counseling as an option for the couples to move forward in a healthy way.

The Cutlers met in the 1980's as college freshman. Dana Cutler attended Spelman College and Keith Cutler is a Morehouse man. Both went on to become lawyers, practicing in Kansas City Missouri and has been dubbed "Missouri Super Lawyers" multiple times by the legal publishing company Thomson Reuters.

The first season of Couples Court with the Cutlers airs 30 minute show airs in September on Fox 54.

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