Alleged victims in former Harris Co. deputy trial say they are "scared" and "intimidated" by him

HARRIS COUNTY, GA (WTVM) -  Jurors in Harris County are watching more dash cam footage in the trial of a former sheriff's deputy accused of sexual misconduct.

Thomas Pierson is accused of taking advantage of a female driver he stopped for a traffic violation. The former officer became emotional Thursday when Sheriff Mike Jolley read a statement into the record that was Pierson's account of a sexual episode with the woman.

"I said to her, see what you did? She then started fumbling with my zipper and unzipped my pants. I said if you don't want this, you need to stop right now, but she continued on," read Sheriff Jolley.

Officer guidelines say any kind of sexual activity while on duty is a violation of codes and ethics. Pierson is facing a dozen charges including aggravated sodomy, and violation of his oath of office.

Two more alleged victims took the stand today to testify their encounters with the accused deputy. Both of the women's traffic stops lasted more than 20 minutes. Here is a breakdown of the two incidents:

Victim #1:

Deputy Thomas Pierson conducted a traffic stop with  victim #1 on October 19, 2015. The deputy and the victim had "casual" conversation lasting over 20 minutes long. At one point, dash cam video shows the alleged victim is attempting to show the deputy a photo of her dog when she runs across what she calls a "dirty photo". The victim claims Pierson grabs her phone to look at the picture, then proceeds to shut off the audio recording of the incident. Following this the victim says Pierson shows her an explicit photo of him and another woman and then goes on to say he is going to walk back to his patrol car and shut off the dash cam video from recording. After a lengthy stop, the alleged victim claims another deputy arrived on scene and she was finally able to talk her way into leaving by telling the deputies where she lived and if they ever needed to use the restroom they could come by. The following day former Harris County deputy Thomas Pierson arrives at the woman's home and knocks on the door. The woman says she doesn't go to the door and captures a photo of the deputy standing outside as this was presented to evidence to the jury. This victim admitted to "flirting to get out of a ticket."

Victim #2: 

Deputy Thomas Pierson conducted a traffic stop with victim #2 on September 15, 2015 for speeding. Dash cam video shows the deputy and the victim exchanging a lengthy conversation lasting over 20 minutes. The two exchange a conversation at one point where they both say the like on another. Following the stop the alleged victim claims that the deputy followed her to where she was going and sat outside the home where she was at for several minutes. "I was extremely uncomfortable and I was fearful at this point and I don't know why this officer has used information from a traffic stop to track me down at a later date,"says the victim.

After the lunch break, a juror was accused of sleeping during the trial and telling other jurors that "this is boring...". The prosecution says they are going to do research over the weekend and decide if anything needs to be done regarding that.

The trial is expected to pick back up Monday morning at 8:30 am in the Harris County Courthouse.

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