Local response crews help with Hurricane Harvey

Local response crews help with Hurricane Harvey
(Source: WTVM)
(Source: WTVM)

(WTVM) - Folks across the Gulf area are preparing for Harvey's impact and News Leader 9 is hearing from local response crews on their plans to send resources to the areas affected by the hurricane.

Reporter, Chandler Morgan spoke with one of the thousands of people making their way out of the gulf coast area, traveling to safety to prepare for Harvey's impact, but the American red cross says it's doing the opposite. They are flying their resources in to come to people's aid.

The governor of Louisiana declaring a state of emergency across their boundaries.

This, as the Governor of Texas, declares several counties, also in a state of emergency as Hurricane Harvey draws near.

The American red cross in Columbus sending their resources to both Texas and Louisiana, as they brace for the storm's impact.

We spoke with a Houston resident who says he's new to the area, and just settled in less than three months ago, but he had to quickly pack up and leave because of Harvey.

"It's a pretty heavy storm so people are taking it pretty seriously."

The red cross already has two manager responders - one sent to Houston and the other to Louisiana.

They plan to have 1,200 more volunteers sent by Tuesday and 5,000 sent out by Labor Day to help with the effects.

If you'd like to help with donating or volunteering with the American Red Cross, click here.

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